VSCOxOakley Photo Filters Let You See Life Through Replica Sunglasses

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VSCO has joined forces with Oakley, maker of sport replica sunglasses, to create filter presets for their popular editing app that let you view the world through a pair of the sought-after eyewear.

The presets will replicate life through replica Oakley sunglasses Prizm lenses. They released the presets in celebration of the partnership, which are available for free for a limited time.

The “Oak 1” filter works as a universal filter, making natural colors more… colorful. “Oak 2” will bring out details in roads, and signs and pavements, essentially bringing out clear edges. Finally, “Oak 3” will keep detail in snowy scenes, maximizing clarity and adding a heavy color tint.

“As both brands empower people to follow their individual obsessions, the partnership aims to encourage creativity and individuality among members of the VSCO community,” writes VSCO.


“To simulate [Replica Oakley] technology within our app, VSCO color scientists teamed up with Oakley engineers and co-created presets that powerfully enhance visual clarity and contrast, just like the #PRIZM Lenses.”