Now, high-tech replica oakley sunglasses designed to enhance performance


The Rio 2016 Olympics will showcase a high-tech perspective when athletes don the latest in sunglass technology. From lenses engineered to filter specific colors to help athletes see their field of play with distinction, to lenses diamond-polished for exacting shape, companies such as Oakley and Nike have turned to technology to spruce up their latest performance oakley sunglasses. Of course, they still believe in a fashion-forward design for it all.

New for Rio, Oakley created a series of five performance oakley oulet frames hand-painted in its Green Fade collection, a tie to the original green the brand used in 1980. But it’s the Prizm lenses inside—using specific dye mixes to block and filter light wavelengths—that gets the engineers excited.

Athletes see color in three specific regions: short, medium oakley replica and long wavelengths. By using dyes in the polycarbonate “Plutonite” lens, engineers maximize color wavelengths sensitive to the color they want the lens to accentuate while sifting out colors in nearby wavelengths. “We use the lens as a filter,” says Wayne Chumbley, Oakley outlet vision performance lab manager. “We filter good light and bad light to make it meaningful for the athletes.”

All lenses start with a clear, purified resin oakley sunglasses that gets colorized through dyes. That resin, after an extrusion process, is then placed into an injection mold to form the final lens material. By creating a gap in color on either side of a specific wavelength, the chosen wavelength seems cheap oakley sunglasses that much more extreme. “We are creating a lot of detail and depth perception, which creates performance value,” Chumbley says. “Color separation is the key. Bad light is what muddies the field.”


Olympic volleyballer Kerri Walsh says she finds the Prizm Field applicable for beach volleyball as whites and blues gets enhanced, allowing the ball and the sky to remain clear.

The eight lenses can all fit in one of the five oakley outlet flexible nylon Green Fade frames, all 100,000 hand-painted in California spray booths. Each frame has a different purpose, with the frames used by mountain bikers, the Jawbreaker, for example, needing to handle the force and head movement oakley replica with high grip. A track sprinter, however, using the EVZero doesn’t need that grip, but wants a lightweight shield. Golfers and beach volleyball players will likely choose between the RadarLock Path and the Flak 2.0 XL while road cyclists may select the Radar EV Path based on personal aesthetic and performance preferences.

Nike Vision took a brand-new approach with its lenses, creating oakley outlet a one-piece shield construction meant to provide a seamless view and wider coverage. Nike Vision teamed with Zeiss, a European optics company, to develop its manufacturing process and custom molds to create a wrap-around oakley outlet lens without any distortion. To lock in the precise measurements needed to avoid losing clarity in the lens, Zeiss used ultra-positioning machining, a first, it says, in the eyewear industry. Diamond-polishing technology shapes the lens to the “nanometer.”